Periodic overview of the AROS scene
  • AROS x86 - January 2024

    monthly roundup

    January was marked by the implementation of a new C library in AROS x86. This change is intended to make life easier primarily for AROS developers themselves. The 32-bit version will be more compatible with the 64-bit version, so maintaining two development lines will become easier. In the long run,... [Read More]
  • How to prepare a USB flash drive

    with AROS ABIv0

    You can download AROS ABIv0 as an .iso file and prepare a bootable CD from it. But what if we do not have a CD drive in our machine with AROS, or for other reasons we prefer to create a bootable USB flash drive with the system? Nothing simpler -... [Read More]
  • AROS x86 - December 2023

    monthly roundup

    In December, the AROS system received many interesting changes and improvements that increase its functionality and performance. The most important news is the release of a new base version of the 32-bit system for x86 (ABIv0) by deadwood, which introduces nearly 1000 changes from several AROS developers, including hardware support... [Read More]
  • How to change System language

    in AROS ABIv0 32-bit

    I’ll walk you through the process using the example of the Polish language. The procedure is similar for other languages. Just make sure to select the appropriate character encoding for your language and use fonts that include diacritics relevant to your chosen language. [Read More]
  • AROS x86 - November 2023

    monthly roundup

    AROS, one of the three branches of the so-called New Generation Amiga, is doing quite well considering the small number of developers (which is unfortunately a problem of the entire Amiga family). However, if we do not sit on typical AROS forums, we may get the wrong impression that nothing... [Read More]