AROS x86 - May 2024

monthly roundup

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In May, the AROS community, as usual, was not idle. At the beginning of the month, Deadwood released a cumulative set of patches for the base system at 20220318-1. The Update 1 mainly contains the “irritating bugs of the month” fixes introduced over the past few months.

The site from which you can download the latest base system and Updade 1:
Full list of changes:

In the coming days we can expect a distribution of AROS One 2.5, which will include all the current patches plus many additional improvements. At this moment, a slimmed-down version of the system - AROS One 2.5 Lite - is available for download. This version contains the latest core and all patches, but in response to the expectations of some users, Development and some of the software from Extras have been removed. In anticipation of the full distribution, you can read an interview with Carlo “AMIGASYSTEM” Spadoni (author of the AROS One distribution) conducted by the OBLIGEMENT portal.

Amiwell79 has launched a new site at It features the Tiny AROS distribution version 3.2, as well as additional game and software packages.

Development of a prototype emulator to run 32-bit applications on an x64 system has reached the halfway point. The emulator can now run Hollywood applications, demonstrating its ability to handle programs beyond those written in C. Next steps include testing the emulator with different types of programs, including Pascal programs, and running it in different environments (native AROS x86_64, AxRuntime). The emulator’s source code is available to programmers who may be interested in participating in the project. You can find detailed information, a link to the sources and a video of how the emulator works in AROSWorld forum thread.

In the poll for the Irritating Bug of the Month, we had a tie in May. An equal number of votes were received by the submissions:
#125 (You can access a drawer icon even if the directory assigned to it does not exist).
#140 (Wanderer: Changing the disk label does not work).

Annoying bug of the month Irritating bug of the month - May 2024

By a random draw, Deadwood addressed the bug with icons, and the corresponding fix can already be downloaded in May survey thread. Bug #140 automatically rolls over to June and therefore there will be no new poll next month.

The strong items in the AROS Archives this time are certainly the wipeOut game port and the new version of the LoView image viewer. There are also a number of smaller offerings that may also catch your attention, including a whole series of games and programs from Giovanni Iacobelli. Below is the full list.

wipEout Rewrite (v.1.2)

(Authors: phoboslab/arczi/Farox)

wipEout Rewrite is a reimplementation of the 1995 cult game, in which players race on futuristic tracks using high-speed anti-gravity ships. The version from the AROS Archives does not include the game’s assets (textures, 3D models, etc.); they can be downloaded from the original port author’s site. For fans of the game wipEout, this is a great opportunity to return to nostalgia and feel the spirit of futuristic racing!

wipEout Rewrite Reimplementation of wipEout game from PSX.

LoView (v. 2024)

(by Simone “Tuxedo” Monsignori)

Simone Monsignori has prepared a new version of the image viewer, LoView. The program supports multiple file formats (depending on the installed DataTypes) and can save in JPG, PNG, IFF or BMP format. Other operations on these files (deleting, copying, moving, renaming, simple editing) are also available.

LoView LoView

GI Omino Stage (v. 1.1)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

A simple platform game in which we collect first aid kits. The hero we direct must avoid syringes and face an evil virus in the last levels.

GI Omino Stage GI Omino Stage

GISplit (v. 1.5)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

A small program to split large files into small files for transfer to floppy disks.

GISplit GI Split

GMoreAros (v. 1.2)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

A simple text viewer similar to MORE.

GMoreAros GMoreAros

GScopaAros (v. 1.0)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

Scopa is a popular Italian card game. In this digital version, the player will play against the computer’s artificial intelligence. The game is won by the player or computer that first reaches or exceeds a score of 11.

GScopaAros GScopaAros

GIMorraCinese (v. 1.0)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

GI Morra Cinese, a computer version of the popular game known as Paper Scissors Stone.

GIMorraCinese GIMorraCinese

GIMineAros (v. 1.0)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

Another installment of the classic Minesweeper.

GIMineAros GIMineAros

GI Poker (v. 1.0)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

In the 1970s and 1980s, video poker machines were very popular. The player places a bet, and the computer randomly generates cards that are displayed on the screen. The player can then change a few cards of his choice to get a better score.

GI Poker GI Poker

GI Sequence Memory (v. 1.0)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

A game that exercises memory and concentration. The goal of the game is to repeat the sequence of colors displayed.

GI Sequence Memory GI Sequence Memory

7Mezzo Plus (v. 1.0)

(by Giovanni Iacobelli)

The popular Italian Christmas game.

7Mezzo Plus 7Mezzo Plus

Witch Cleaner (v. 3.20)

(by Juan Carlos Herrán Martín)

A small and simple program to clean the .recycled garbage can of obsolete and old files. The program removes the following files from OWB (Original Web Browser):

  • Cache drawer.
  • cookies.db
  • History.db
  • TopSites.db
  • WebpageIcons.dbth
  • LocalStorage cookies
  • 29a5abb3-i386-aros.cache-4 NOTE: If you delete this cache then when you restart OWB, the cache will be restored.
  • font: fonts cache
  • AutoFill.db
  • Bookmarks.html
  • Passwords.db
  • sessions

Witch Cleaner Witch Cleaner

L.M. Calendar&Clock (v. 3.20)

(by Juan Carlos Herrán Martín)

Clock and calendar with characters from the game world Los Malditos del Valle del Cerro. Tool to be useful for controlling the time we spend in front of the computer. We can set alarms and even schedule a time for the computer to shut down on its own.

L.M. Calendar&Clock L.M. Calendar&Clock