AROS x86 - June 2024

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AROS One 2.5 came out in June, and the distribution prepared by Carlo “AMIGASYSTEM” Spadoni is based on the latest base system and includes all the latest updates and fixes. The author spent a lot of effort configuring and testing the included software, of which there is really a lot. We have everything necessary for the system at hand. AROS One also features modern, high-quality backgrounds, windows and icons. This makes AROS One currently the best distribution for both beginning AROS users and advanced ones.

AROS One 2.5 AROS One 2.5

A full list of changes for AROS One v2.5:

On James Mattson’s YouTube channel you can see some videos of AROS One 2.5 in action: Video1, Video2, Video3.

As part of the Irritating Bug of the Month in June, Deadwood took care of the bug:
#140 (Wanderer: Changing the disk label does not work)
The relevant fix can already be downloaded in June survey thread.
The current poll can be found here: Irritating Bug of the Month - July.

The Prototype of an emulator that runs 32-bit programs on the 64-bit version of AROS has been completed. The role of the emulator is to create a temporary bridge to enable migration. Over time, the emulator should be used less and less, and more and more applications will be natively 64-bit. The emulator’s source code is available to developers who may be interested in participating in the project. Details, a link to the sources and a video of how the emulator works can be found in thread on the AROSWorld forum.

Finally, as usual, news from the AROS Archives, where several smaller productions and updates have appeared. Below is a detailed summary.

Python (v. 2.5.2)

(author: Stanisław Szymczyk)

Experimental Python 2.5.2 for AROS. This version was compiled by Deremon with the new C library and is compatible with the latest AROS release. It includes the following modules:

  • array, cmath, math, struct, time, operator, weakref, testcapi, random, collections, itertools, strop

This port does not support dynamically linked extensions.

Python Python-2.5.2

Aros-GOCR (v. 0.52)

(author: Joerg Schulenburg)

GOCR is an optical character recognition program released under a GNU General Public License. It reads images in many formats and generates a text file. Possible image formats are pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, some pcx and tga image files.

This is a new compilation of version 0.52 of the program, working with the latest version of AROS.


Image2PDF (v. 2.7)

(author: Bernd Assenmacher)

A small tool for converting images to PDF. It is primarily used to convert scans made with, for example, Scandal or Scanquix to PDF documents in specific output formats such as A3, A4, A5, Legal, Letter or ImageSize, but can also be used to convert other image files.

Changes in version 2.7:

  • some minor cosmetic fixes have been made
  • improved tooltips
  • expanded the scaling range of the “scale image(s) to” function (now 10-6000)
  • added “abort” function to have the ability to abort processes when there are multiple images in the loop. This does not work with the “Convert PDF to” function.

Image2PDF Image2PDF

Omanko! (v.1.25)

(author: Juan Carlos Hérran Martín)

A small tool created to generate MD5 and CRC32 checksums of files. In version 1.25, minor fixes have been made to the graphics.

Omanko! Omanko!

Videntium Picta (v. 3.05)

(author: Juan Carlos Hérran Martín)

Videntium Picta is an image viewer whose main feature is to respect the user’s privacy (there is no list of recent files, no playlist, it can be used from a USB flash drive, CD, etc.) For AROS users, this version is freeware (the earlier one had an email registration requirement).

Videntium Picta Videntium Picta

Vintage Song Player (v. 2.6)

(author: Juan Carlos Herrán Martín)

Music player - Juke Box that supports files in these formats: 8svx, aiff, mp3, ogg, m4a, mod, med, dbm, hvl, xm, s3m, ac3, wav, flac, sid

Vintage Song Player Vintage Song Player

iConecta (v. 5.2)

(author: Juan Carlos Herrán Martín)

A small and simple program to test your Internet connection. This version adds new graphics, uses a free font and uses larger clock digits.

iConecta iConecta

Tressette a Perdere (v. 1.0)

(author: Giovanni Iacobelli)

Tressette a Perdere is a popular Italian card game. In this digital version, the player will play against a computer artificial intelligence that replaces three opponents. The game ends when one player reaches 51 points, and the player with the fewest points wins.

Tressette a Perdere Tressette a Perdere

Giocodel15 (v. 1.0)

(author: Giovanni Iacobelli)

GiocoDel15 is a classic puzzle game from about 50 years ago. It consists of a table with 4 columns and 4 rows with 15 boxes numbered from 1 to 15 and an empty box. The aim of the game is to rearrange the boxes after shuffling them at random.

Giocodel15 Giocodel15

Catch It (v. 1.0)

(author: Giovanni Iacobelli)

A simple game in which the goal is to find the key and get to the exit. Along the way you have to watch out for obstructions and not get caught by the guards. There are 10 levels to go through.

Catch It Catch It

Stoppa card game (v. 1.0)

(author: Giovanni Iacobelli)

La Stoppa is an Italian gambling card game similar to poker. In this version we will face off against three computer players.

Stoppa card game Stoppa card game

GI SlotGame (v. 1.0)

(author: Giovanni Iacobelli)

Slots game. Fortunately not for real money :)

GI SlotGame GI SlotGame

AROS Space Backdrops (v. 1.0)

AROS Scenic Backdrop (v. 1.0)

(author: James Mattson)

Backgrounds for AROS. In the first archive we have 10 space-themed backgrounds, and in the second archive we have 8 other backgrounds. The backgrounds have the AROS logo and are in high resolution.

Youtube recordings showing the backgrounds: Video1, Video2.

AROS Backdrops AROS Backdrops